Calfarme Full Range

Calfarme was found in Singapore in 1977 and since then, has steadily grown and established itself as a leading company in washroom hygiene and bio-enzymatic cleaning products.

Calfarme's success derives from its focused in this industry, Calfarme has no equal worldwide in being an integrated product development, manufacturing and services company. This structure allows the company to deliver superior customer benefits at highly competitive price levels.

Our products Include:
  1. Press type soap dispenser
  2. Automatic soap dispenser
  3. Foamcare system
  4. Ecobath All-in-one hair & bodywash system
  5. Autospray metered aerosol system
  6. Touch Me freshmate air freshner
  7. AutoFresh organic air freshener
  8. Freshmate organic oil fragrance
  9. Calfarme sanitary disposal bins
  10. Automatic sanigel toilet seat wipes
  11. Jumbo roll tissue dispenser
  12. Paper towel dispenser
  13. Anti-slip PVC protective floor mat
  14. BioPlus multi-purpose biological cleaner and deodoriser
  15. Bio-tabs urinal deodorizer
  16. Bio-tabs urinal deodorizer & drain maintainer
  17. CleanBio blue flush
  18. Eco-blus bio-enzymatic toilet maintainer
  19. BioClean WC toilet maintainer
  20. Bio-Matrix
  21. Biological rugs & carpets cleaner
  22. EcoBath all-in-one system
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