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Scraper Mat

Scraper mats are used for either outdoor or indoor entrances and aggressively scrape dirt, debris and snow from shoes. Debris is trapped beneath the surface of the mat. Studies show that 70%-80% of the dirt and debris in a facility comes through the front door. When used in conjunction with a wiper or wiper/scraper mat, Crown’s scraper mats help stop dirt at the door. Check the products below for the best scraper mat.

Our products Include:

1. Lune Cushion Coil Mat

Lune Japan Cushion Coil Mat

Scraper Wiper Mat

Wiper/scraper mats are designed to clean shoes and absorb moisture. They work best when used following a scraper mat or in conjunction with a wiper mat. When used alone, wiper/scraper mats need to be greater in length to be completely effective. Crown has a vast variety of styles and colors in wiper/scraper mats. Check below to find the perfect mat for your entrance.

Our products Include:

1. Chevron

2. Needle - Pin

3. Needle - Rib

4. Oxford Elite

5. Tire Track

Needle Rib™


Needle Pin

Tire Track

Oxford Elite

Wiper Mat

Wiper mats are the best way to remove dust and moisture from shoes. They should be used in combination with a wiper/scraper mat, otherwise dirt and debris can collect on top of the mat. Choose from the carpet-top mats below to find the proper wiper mat for your heavy, medium or light traffic settings.

Our products Include:

1. Wonder Pro

Wonder Pro

Coconut Husk

Thick coir brush with a heavy-duty vinyl backing. Excellent scrubbing and moisture absorption. Custom cut to any shape and size to suit client's requirement.
Come in natural color with customization of your mat in different designs.
“Use and Throw - Low cost and highly effective

Coconut Husk

Industrial Specialty Mat

The design details of industrial mats were developed in response to the practical concerns of everyday working life. This is why they are particularly durable even in heavy-duty environments, combining non-slip surface and resistance to foot eversion, featuring strong and yet exceptionally flat edges for approaching vehicles, as well as being resistant to ageing, easy to clean and entirely maintenance-free.

Industrial mats is also adept at supplying customised solutions tailored to individual applications. We welcome the challenge of exclusive designs, tailor made dimensions, company logo incorporation, fitting solutions for slopes, the development of highly specialised rubber compounds and many other requirements.

Industrial mats have inbuilt resilience and are proven to relieve the strain on joints and spine. This quality is also an advantage in that it provides a soft landing for tools or products which are dropped, preventing them from being damaged. Our mats also lighten the workload when it comes to cleaning the floor, they absorb footfall and have a sound-deadening effect.

Our products Include:

1. Aluminum Mat

2. Lune Super Dust Pit

3. Dia - Mat AM

4. Ecoloo Interlocking

5. Safe Walk - Light

Aluminum Entrance Mats

Dia Mat AM

Ecoloo Interlocking Mat

Safewalk Light