Disinfection Misting Service


We are approved Disinfection Service provider for Coronavirus (COVID-19) exposed premises. Certified professional under disinfection cleaning guidelines and using approved disinfectant recommended by the authorities.


Suspected / Confirmed Case (For COVID-19 Exposed Premises)
Preventive Disinfection (Once-Off / Bi-Weekly / Weekly / Monthly)


Disinfection Technology and Methodology

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging Disinfection
Extensive Wipe Down for Frequency-Touched Points
Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Features and Benefits of Our Disinfection Services

Hospital Grade Disinfectant
Track record in aviation industry
Kill 99.99% of bacteria/Germs
Effective against H5N1, Avian influenza, H7N1, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Vaccines/Virus, Herpes Disease, Covid-19
Safe for pets and toddlers
No cleaning required after disinfecting

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